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Yervan Stat Lingstic Unversty aft. V. Brsov

  I’ve passed by this poster for more than a month and only a couple of days ago I noticed this misprint. Frankly speaking, I was told about it.

It’s so ridiculous. Such a mistake inside a linguistic university!

I love my dearest Brusov, but it is a shame I can’t help speaking about.

And it sounds funny: “INSTUT!”. Some student has added the missing letters with a pen right on the banner.

Dear Confucius Institute, please, either remove the banner or correct the mistake somehow.


Brusov Or Confucius: What’s The Difference?

April 23, 2011 3 comments

A few hours ago one of the leading online news sites of Armenia published an article about the monument of Confucius – the great Chinese philosopher, which has been removed by the authorities from the Beijing National Museum.

But the point is not that Chinese don’t like this statue. The point is the brightest and smartest article of the‘s super-journalist. Actually, the last paragraph of this article.

It says: (Նկարում՝ Կոնֆուցիոսի արձանը Երևանի պետական լեզվաբանական համալսարանի մոտ, որը տեղադրվել է բոլորովին վերջերս՝ Չինաստանի կենտկոմի պատվիրակության հայաստանյան այցի ժամանակ):

Who doesn’t know who’s statue is in the picture please, don’t be shy, ask me…

Shame on you, Journalist. I hope at least you haven’t graduated our university.

幸运的孔子… oops… I Mean, Lucky Confucius!

April 20, 2011 4 comments

On April 11, 2011, Li Changchun, the Propaganda chief of the Communist Party of China, which appeared to be quite a high rank, came to visit Armenia. The purpose of the visit was the openning ceremony of Confucius statue in the yard of the Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov.

Actually, there is a Confucius Institute which works in one of the university’s buildings, so it was their initiative to memorize the great philosopher.

Anyway, I remember the day. Three hours before Comrade Changchun’s arrival the university was almost empty. Also the Armenian Prime Minister was to attend the event. So there were uniformed people with huge beast-dogs walking around and checking all the corners of our old good Brusov. I wonder now, were these security measures for the Prime Minister or the highly ranked guest?

Now the most interesting part of the story. I’m not sure if the statue was opened that day, as the next day when me and my friends decided to visit the philosopher’s monument, we were quite surprised to find only the stone with his name on it (frankly, it looked like a tombstone (R.I.P)). Where had Confucius gone after the party?

Anyway, he’s back now and standing right in front of the canteen of the university and proudly follows Brusov girls with sight. Lucky Confucius!

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